University at Albany

“After a two-year dip in Weekend MBA Program enrollment at the University at Albany, I realized it was time to shift my marketing strategy and begin looking for suitable marketing firms. I joined forces with the digital marketing team at Hearst Digital Agency several years ago and have reaped the rewards of their skill and industry knowledge.

“Working with the team members, many of whom have been recognized for their excellence, signaled a reversal of fortune. Coupled with other factors, recruitment increased by more than 65% and we are consistently able to make suitable candidates aware of the program and the unique benefits it offers.

“The Hearst Digital Agency team members fortifies their performance with outstanding client service. We meet monthly to review the metrics in detail and discuss any potential opportunities. They also monitor the program’s digital marketing assets closely in real time and are able to make adjustments when necessary in a very dynamic environment.

“Ours has been a mutually beneficial partnership and I would heartily endorse Hearst Digital Agency for the outstanding work it has done for the Weekend MBA Program and the extra measures it takes to ensure the program’s success!”

Weekend MBA Program Director

Yankee Trails

“Yankee Trails is grateful to have partnered with Hearst Digital Agency in Albany, NY. For years, we tried to understand the ever-changing climate of digital marketing and advertising.

“It wasn’t until we partnered with Hearst that we were able to take full advantage of this growing medium. From search engine marketing to social media, Hearst Digital Agency has been instrumental in putting Yankee Trails on the map where Google searches and Facebook posts are fast becoming the way consumers find and communicate with businesses.

“We look forward to what the future holds where our digital advertising is concerned and thank Hearst Digital Agency for being there to guide Yankee Trails along the way.”

Marketing Director